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What are Green Jobs? 
Green jobs are low carbon jobs, or jobs that help us move to a post-carbon economy. Alongside jobs in renewable energy or insulating homes, planting trees or restoring habitats, jobs in caring sectors like health, childcare and education, as well as jobs in low carbon forms of farming, are green jobs. 
Why we need Green Jobs 

Green Jobs are one of the key principles of a Green New Deal. The Green New Deal must create millions of new well-paid, secure, and future-proof jobs for anyone who needs one. These jobs are needed now more than ever. 

Covid- 19 has been an immense shock for the world, disrupting normal life and shaking the global economy. All around us we can see people losing their jobs, hours or pay and having to live on Universal Credit which is not enough to get by.

We will be feeling the effects of this virus for many years to come. We estimate that over 1.9million jobs are at risk of permanent loss from the long-term impacts of Covid-19. 

But there is so much work to do! From jobs which prepare us for winter and lower our bills like insulating houses, to jobs that tackle climate change like building wind and solar energy, to key worker jobs which keep our communities strong and healthy like caring, healthcare and teaching. These are low-carbon, labour-intensive jobs. More importantly, they are jobs that sustain life.

It doesn’t make sense for people to be unemployed when there is so much work that needs to be done. The solution is clear: the government must create millions of green jobs.

Watch the videos below to hear the stories of some Wanstead and Leytonstone locals, who believe that green jobs are the key to a brighter, greener future for all.


Elsa, student


Mei, full time mum

Ruth, full time mum

Claire, works with children and young people in care

Sonya, artist

Emily, former secondary school teacher


Carole, retired health and social worker

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