At midday Kathy is at the JP Morgan building, the rest of the Wanstead Activists have joined up with the crowd of protesters marching up Waterloo St and she watches as they come towards her. The fanfare is preceded by heart-beating drums and the shrill call of the lead drummer’s whistle.

The ever present hi-viz-wearing police outnumber and surround the group as they move, in an extraordinary show of overwhelming and quite unnecessary presence.  

There is an indescribable current of electricity flowing freely between the activists. A bond of passion and determination. It’s evident to see on Kathy’s face.

Unity and power to the powerless and the isolated, a voice to those who would be silenced: these are the things on offer and this is what the Wanstead Climate Action group is here to be a part of. 

Proceedings unfold and speakers take the stand, listing the inequities of JP Morgan and their continued support of the fossil fuel industry. Journalists capture every moment, every fact, and statistic, and more importantly the crowd’s reaction. 

Just a mile away world leaders squabble in the ugly face of the facts, pledging only what is easiest to achieve.

Published by wansteadclimateactionblog

We are a friendly, local group who want to connect with others to raise awareness and to encourage and press Local and Central Government to address the Climate Emergency & at least meet the Paris Climate Agreement targets. Join us to plan and carry out actions to this effect. It would be great to hear your ideas! We also link up with other campaigns and larger organisations like Extinction Rebellion and Divestment groups for their campaigns & events. This blog will include details on current and past campaigns and actions, original articles and blog posts written by group members and much more...happy reading!

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