Rapidly Closing Windows of Opportunity: the IPCC report

It’s entirely by chance that Wanstead Climate Action is holding a public meeting about the climate crisis on the day that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases the final report in its Sixth Assessment Cycle. We could almost guess the broad conclusions though: Are things bad and getting worse? Yes. Are governments doing anythingContinue reading “Rapidly Closing Windows of Opportunity: the IPCC report”

Wanstead trees need water!

Marian Temple of Wanstead Community Gardeners emailed this appeal on 16 July 2022, shortly before the record heatwave struck Wanstead: TREE WATERING.  This is really needed.  Newly planted trees are very vulnerable in their first couple of years but I can see a tree in my street that’s been there for a good 6 yearsContinue reading “Wanstead trees need water!”

COP26 “Nothing to Lose”

“For the activist, the legal ramifications of their actions are no longer proportional to the dire consequences of failure. Such is the importance of decarbonization.” The reasons why climate activists become active get lost. Wanstead Climate Action’s reasons to travel to Glasgow and protest at COP26 are multiple and self-evident. While the last 18 monthsContinue reading “COP26 “Nothing to Lose””


At midday Kathy is at the JP Morgan building, the rest of the Wanstead Activists have joined up with the crowd of protesters marching up Waterloo St and she watches as they come towards her. The fanfare is preceded by heart-beating drums and the shrill call of the lead drummer’s whistle. The ever present hi-viz-wearingContinue reading “COP26 or COP-OUT”

en route to Glasgow, via COPmania

We all know it’s important, but remain mired in daily trivia. Today, 1 Nov, Wanstead Village Directory hits its stands with news that eight of us are joining the throngs at COP26 to ‘add pressure’ on world leaders for a rapid and fair transition to a fossil free future. Can we really have any effectContinue reading “en route to Glasgow, via COPmania”

WCA calls for 6,000 new green jobs in Redbridge and Waltham Forest

Over 6,100 jobs could be created in Waltham Forest and Redbridge across green infrastructure and care work in the next two years. Working with the Green New Deal UK campaign, we are calling for all local MPs to support sufficient government investment in energy efficiency, renewables, R&D and care work. 1.2m green jobs could beContinue reading “WCA calls for 6,000 new green jobs in Redbridge and Waltham Forest”

This Could Be A…Breath Of Fresh Air

Have you ever walked down the road and seen something you wanted to improve? Our latest campaign, ‘This could be a…breath of fresh air’, aims to do just that. Our posters, which you might have started to spot around Wanstead, are designed to improve, add or adapt features in the local areas in an effortContinue reading “This Could Be A…Breath Of Fresh Air”